Our team consists of web2, web3, and Cryptography experts who won several CTFs.

Web2 Security Experts
Our security researchers have unparalleled security expertises for web, mobile, wallet services.
Our core members have experiences winning at HITCON and SECON and being finalists for DEFCON, the major top three CTFs.
Our members are the leader of Super Guesser, global third ranked and they were selected as the Korean national hacking team.
Web3 Security Pioneer
We also have developed main-net, wallet services which accumulate the expertises for web3 services.
Cryptography Expertise
Cryptography capacity has been required as more and more hacks focusing on cryptographic security vulnerabilities.
Our researcher is specialized in addressing the cryptographic issues and they have experiences for designing the new type of key management system.

Our Portfolios

We have secured over $60b worth of crypto assets across 400+ global crypto projects:
Also starting 2022, we have been a major security partner for major P2E games launching in and out of Korea.
“Thanks to pointing out security issues in advance, it has been a great help not only in service development but also in business development“ - JongHyup Lee CTO, Bifrost

What sets us apart from others

Audit process built for customers
If major security issues arise during the audit, we communicate with customers in advance and help them to fix the issues asap.
KALOS Trusted Audit Partnership (TAP)
Reserving a number of days in advance according to the customer's product roadmap
Offering discounts based on the number of days customers book in advance.
Determining the business day/estimate of the audit in advance for better business planning
Through the KALOS Trusted Audit Partnership, you can schedule audits at any time you want

Protect your project with KALOS

KALOS conducts continuous research on security vulnerabilities to improve the smart contract security with top R&D capabilities.
Even at this moment, we are doing our best to protect our clients’ smart contracts from security vulnerabilities and bugs. Based on these efforts, KALOS has not missed a single security vulnerability.
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