Security Researcher
Allen is a Security Researcher who works on research and security audits with a focus on smart contract security and cryptography. He is currently on a temporary break from Seoul National University, where he majors Mathematics and Computer Science. Along with Paul, Allen won HITCON, SECCON as a member of the Super Guesser CTF team and also became a DEFCON Finalist. In the team, he is in charge of solving cryptography and smart contract security challenges. He is also experienced in DeFi asset management and blockchain service development. He has been deeply involved in the Competitive Programming community and has won the 2nd prize in Samsung Collegiate Programming Contest 2020 and the Silver Prize in ACM-ICPC Seoul Regional 2019. He also has the 1st rank in Project Euler in South Korea. As a high school student, he went in for math olympiad, becoming a candidate for the IMO Korean National Team. He is also studying zero-knowledge cryptography recently.
His personal blog can be found at